Online chastity

Distance Key holder Security - Tag:

Tamper evident serialized Tamper proof locks will be mailed by the keyholder. The secured must show himself/herself to the the keyholder for inspection on regularly basis on webcam. The secured will show that the tag is intact before being permitted release. Then a new verification of chastity device will be reattached with a new serialized tag secured in place.

Using TimeLock with a keyholder:

If you have a keyholder, particularly one who is long distance, then TimeLock has a remote keyholder option were there is no need to mail keys. The keyholder can run their copy of the program and set the time, options and lockword. They then run the remote key function. This generates an encrypted set of letters and number which they can send to the person being locked via an email or instant message. The person being locked chooses the file for locking and then enters the remote key. They are now locked and under the control of the keyholder.

Another scenario

Your keyholder has given you a remote key to use. You select the picture of the lock combination. The combination you don't know. You select the Remote Set option and click the run button. TimeLock asks you to enter the remote key and, once you have done this, starts the encryption. The keyholder has set the Hide Timer option so you have no idea how much time has been set. You feel the fear and the anxiety, but, with trembling fingers, you close the lock. Your fate is now entirely in the hands of your keyholder. Only they know how much time has been set. Only they know the lockword, which may grant you early release. The need to touch yourself is already overwhelming but there is nothing you can do about it. All is as it should be.

More control for the keyholder

It doesn't just stop with the keyholder generating a remote key. They can also generate update keys that will modify what's happening with the encryption. They can reward or punish by decreasing or increasing the time remaining. They can mess with your head by changing the display. There is plenty of room for your keyholder to be evil and teasing and totally controlling. But, then again, isn't that what you want?