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» The Kernel magazine: The weird world of male chastity
Date 2014-03-21 | Latest News |

Not all men with a chastity fetish are in a relationship and this is where the online world once again comes to the rescue. Hundreds of online Mistresses offer “key holding” services, offering ingenious ways of of keeping an eye on their men such as required daily photos of a plastic numbered padlock sealing the cage – all for a price. There’s even an OkCupid of the chastity world – – which claims 10,790 active members both looking for key holders and looking for submissives

» Kinky Britain
Date 2010-05-08 | Latest News |

KeyHolderFinder is a website specifically designed for people into the chastity lifestyle who are either interested in finding a keyholder or are keyholders looking for chastity slaves, it is actually quite a well-designed web site with various areas for chat, groups, forums and searching. In the fortnight since [...]